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We offer inexpensive, instantly downloadable social stories for kids – many we use with our own kids. Printable PDFs also work great on iPad or any mobile device. More than 35 titles available – full preview available for every title, each $5 or less.

I make these Easy Social Stories for my autistic daughter, Iris, and then share them with you. I purposely designed them to be inexpensive and easily available through electronic delivery (email or download) – which means you can have them immediately (whether you Buy it Now or Add to Cart) and you can print them again and again when you save them to your device. All stories are available in a iPad/Nook/Kindle (any mobile device) format as well as printable formats.

How to use Easy Social Stories
To make Easy Social Stories work best for my kids, I try to give them only 1 or 2 in a week and I started by giving them a booked paper copy (tied with a ribbon) usually just 1-3 days before the event. I want them to have enough time to prepare, but not enough time to get antsy. By now, my child is so adept at the iPad and Nook, I download them to those devices and highlight the stories she will need on the ‘desktop’ for any given week.

For my Iris, I gave her just 3 days with a Birthday party story, leading up to the party, itself. For something big, like starting school, I’d rather give her 1-2 weeks, or so – maybe even more. For a big change, I want to be sure I show her the story every day until she is just about bored with it, knowing every line by heart – I find it helps to have her read them to me or at least repeat back the important bits. My girl is severely autistic and she learned to read at Starfall.com

When the big day comes I try to emulate the story as best I can – even using the exact phrases from the story, which gets her attention and helps her connect the story with the event.

For immediate delivery:
Your download links will be emailed to you immediately upon completion of your order.

File Formats:
Your purchase will make all our story formats available to you as downloadable PDF files. As I said, we have versions for printable files (some in black & white) as well as versions for on-line, smartphone or handheld device (like iPad and Nook Color) viewing. If you need assistance in choosing a format, please check out our Help page for more information.

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